Kelly Lowry, MFT

    Life Coaching and Parent Support

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Coaching Young Ad​ults

Having trouble managing your anxiety about stepping out into  the world?  ​

Do your choices seems daunting, unattainable, undesirable?

Do you feel stuck, fearful, unmotivated?  


Get in touch with your true self. Learn to turn up the volume on your own intuition.  

 Stop the relentless comparing of yourself to others on social media.  

Define the direction you want to go and the 

person you want to be. 


Create a plan for success!  

Let me be your ally providing nonjudgmental support and encouragement so you can live a joyful and fulfilling life.  


Coaching Parents

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of parenting?  

Do you find yourself wondering why parenting seems harder than you thought it would be?

Is your child challenging you in a way that makes you question if there might be something more serious going on?


Children have their own emotional challenges in response to experiences they have had or perhaps because of a genetic predisposition.  

 Parenting can spark unresolved pain from your childhood causing emotions to surface that are difficult to understand and manage.  

Parenting a child with emotional difficulties can seem overwhelming and out of control.  

Both can get in the way of fully appreciating precious moments with 

your child.  

Let me help you sort through the challenges you and your child are facing.

 Work through deep seated emotions in yourself and unresolved issues in your child so you both can be more present and appreciative 

of the time you spend together.