Kelly Lowry, LMFT

       Mental Health Services 

Therapy, Coaching, Parent Support                  310/ 403-8562

     A little about me:

  • For the past 30 years I have supported children, teens, adults, and parents as a 
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) 
  • and a Certified School Counselor (PPS) 
  •  in both clinical and school settings. 

  • During this time my husband and I have also raised two daughters.  Now that I have completed that stage of life I am looking to support my community through difficult "life transitions" .  The ones that can cause anxiety, sadness, confusion.... 
  • Whether it be, struggling with the isolation, fear, and frustration of living life during a global pandemic, graduating high school 
  • and staring down the great unknown;
  • entering into a new career or relationship... 
  • or thinking of leaving one;
  • struggling with the intensity of being a new parent, 
  • or transitioning out of parenthood into the empty nest; 
  • I am here for you.  

  •  Together we will define your unique challenges, 
  • look closely at your strengths and your needs, 
  • and work toward insight that resonates deeply. 

  • I will help you separate out the different parts of yourself that seem to want different things.  I will help you set goals, embrace new tools & techniques, and build the confidence to move into the 
  • next phase of your journey.