Kelly Lowry, MFT

    Life Coaching and Parent Support

                  310/ 403-8562

The Credentials:

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) and a 

Certified School Counselor (PPS) for over 25 years,

 I have worked in clinical and school settings with children, teens, and parents, all over LA county.  In addition, I have certifications in 

parent education and anger management.

After raising two daughters and moving into the next phase of my life, 

I am focusing on supporting my community through 

difficult "life transitions" that can cause anxiety or depression.   

The Work:

Whether it be, graduating high school and staring down the great unknown, struggling with the intensity of being a new parent, or transitioning out of parenthood and into the empty nest, 

I am here for you.  

 Together we will define your personal challenges, ask the right questions, and find answers that resonate deeply. 

We will work together using humor and camaraderie to develop a structure, set goals, and learn tools you can use to move more confidently into the next phase of your journey. 

The Philosophy:

"This is your one wild and precious life."

You deserve to feel connected to and 

  hopeful about all that is ahead.